Visit Asset Drone At Realcomm / IBCon 2018

Asset Drone is proud to be an exhibitor at Realcomm | IBcon 2018. Come visit us in Booth 2011.   Learn more about Asset Drone by reading our feature piece in Construction Today. Asset Drone provides drone-based construction inspection that includes surveying, mapping, modeling and video & photo shoots. We offer very fast turnaround –… Read more »

[Video] 3D Visualization For Construction Projects Based on Drone Photography

Let Asset Drone help with your job site, before, during and after the construction process. Our interactive 3D models can be viewed, manipulated and shared from an easy-to-use web interface. We start with hundreds or thousands of photos, and use special software to stitch these photos together and build a 3D model that can be… Read more »

Construction inspection and monitoring with drones

[Video] Construction Inspection & Visualization Using Drones

Drones are changing the way construction companies handle their projects.  By providing advanced visualization tools, valuable overhead views and up-close inspection capabilities, drones can significantly improve how your team monitors construction progress while improving worker safety and reducing risks to project timelines. Our white paper “5 Ways Drones Are Changing The Construction Industry”  details the… Read more »

Construction Inspection

A Drone’s Eye View For The Construction Daily Report

Drones are a natural fit in construction projects, offering help in numerous ways. Safety is a big challenge in construction. It’s a dangerous job, and drones can increase project safety dramatically by going where humans can’t easily get to without using a harness or scaffolding, or other risky and time-consuming – and completely necessary –… Read more »

Measuring stockpile volumes using drones

Stockpile Volumetrics: Using Drones To Measure Stockpiles

Evaluating stockpiles of materials on a construction site, known as stockpile volumetrics, is an essential task that drones are now performing with a high level of accuracy and safety. Every construction site has mounds of raw and processed materials that sit around, are moved around, poured, combined, or assembled throughout the project. At any time… Read more »

Land Surveying Using Drones

Land surveying has changed radically with the advent of drones. Drones can fly closer to the ground than other forms of aerial photography such as planes and satellites. They can hover in place more steadily than a human hand, and their cameras can produce amazingly detailed images – and not only visual images but highly… Read more »