Asset Drone provides utility companies with drone inspection of power lines and entire distribution systems, from towers to substations, and including wind turbine farms and solar arrays.

Drones are perfect for cataloging infrastructure over distances and vertical heights, delivering high-resolution imagery and thermal mapping of equipment status.

Finally, no wasted technician trips or unnecessary climbs!

Utility Inspection

Storm or Damage Assessment

We perform fast visual inspections of power lines and cables, including structural, equipment, and cabling – quickly mapping long spans of a distribution network in a systematic way.

Utility Inspection

Failing Equipment Detection

Our advanced, high-resolution visual and infra-red cameras offer detailed imaging of current infrastructure status, with thermal imaging to detect overheating transformers, cables and other equipment.

Prioritize Personnel

Our rapid, remote inspections allow you to prioritize your deployment of skilled personnel to trouble spots and for routine maintenance.

Utility Inspection

Pre-Climb Inspection

We optimize your technician time by flying a pre-climb inspection that quickly verifies issues and determines cable and equipment needs, and what parts and tools are required by the technician – avoiding multiple dangerous climbs and improving the safety record.

Drone cameras are so high-resolution that even the very finest details of this cell tower are captured during the inspection. This allows technical review to zoom in to the smallest areas, checking connections and fastening, reading serial numbers and even the pixels that make up the writing on the side of cables.
Utility Inspection

Repair and Upgrade Logging

Use our drones to catalog before-and-after after photographic records of repairs and upgrades. Change-detection software allows ongoing monitoring programs.

Utility Inspection


Cost-effectively inventory an entire system for accurate asset management. Our drones can cover your territory in ways that are cost-prohibitive manually.

Asset Drone covers the entire United States, using advanced cameras and sensors for precise inspection, detection and survey work. Our drones are flown by FAA certified, fully insured drone pilots.

Image Gallery

Examples of our Utility Inspection imagery. Click to enlarge.