Asset Drone surveying and inspection services revolutionize real estate photography, with crisp and clear imagery that far exceeds the resolution of Google Earth, and with camera angles not possible from a field photographer or videographer on the ground.
Piloted by FAA certified and fully insured drone pilots, our drones are state of the art, equipped with a suite of high-tech cameras and sensors. They’re fast, maneuverable and can fit in tight spaces. This makes them perfect for interior as well as exterior property displays showing all surfaces and the setting.
We specialize in fast, accurate, and current, geo-located images of high-value properties such as water-front properties – including from the water.

We produce site-selection maps, photos, and topographic contour maps – current and actionable.Now you can quickly compare 5 or 50 potential properties in just a few days at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional survey methods. And the views are absolutely current – no need to spend on year-old satellite imagery or low resolution aerial photography.

Because of rapid, affordable, high-resolution, current-state imagery made possible by our drone service:

  • County assessors can more easily compile tax appraisals.
  • Buyers can compare different properties.
  • Insurers can record property condition at policy origination.
  • Adjusters can assess and report on property damage.
  • Real-estate agents can display high-value properties with all their unique features.

We cover the entire United States.

Image Gallery

Examples of our Real Estate Drone Photography. Click to enlarge.