Asset Drone land surveying services offer fast and affordable turnaround on:

  • High-resolution photogrammetry
  • Site photos
  • Videos
  • Topographic and contour/drainage planning

We can quickly survey sites from 1 acre to 10,000+ acres. We deliver highly accurate results, very quickly and at a lower cost than ground survey.

Get Results Quickly

You can now get current, accurate site photos, orthomosaic maps, and topos including contour lines, in just a few days, instead of weeks or months.

Land Surveying

Expand Your Options

Fast and inexpensive comparison surveys of different properties help you to choose your development or investment project – anywhere across the United States.

Land Surveying

Actionable Surveys

We use PPK, GCPs and other advanced technologies to produce high accuracy reports.

For legal survey work, we work closely with your surveyor or ours (we partner with licensed survey companies throughout all the states).

This provides accuracy approaching that of traditional survey methods, but in a very fast time and at a lower cost.

Asset Drone offers services nationwide, using FAA certified and fully insured drone pilots, and state of the art cameras, sensors and techniques.

Image Gallery

Examples of our Land Surveying imagery. Click to enlarge.