Asset Drone provides infrastructure inspection for multiple industries using high-resolution cameras and sensors. We supply precise mapping and detection in areas that are hard to get to, traversing distances in hours that would take days or weeks to cover manually.
We can photograph often down to serial-number resolution, and detect overheating and failing equipment through thermal imaging cameras. Small and highly maneuverable drones flown by skilled pilots enable all-surface inspection and recording at a fraction of the cost of other methods.
We deliver actionable reports of current status for numerous inspections and surveys that were previously technician-intensive, such as pipelines & pumping stations, telecoms and transmission towers, bridges, water towers, roads, railroads and yards.
Our drones go there first for storm or other damage and maintenance assessment, so technicians don’t waste trips, bring the wrong tools or parts, or perform unnecessary climbs.

Clear, Detailed Inspections

Here’s a drone inspecting a bridge the way it needs to be inspected – by flying the length of it, inside and outside, from top to bottom. As we start on this first span, a high-resolution camera is recording the condition of every surface and aspect of bridge condition. The drone is small, quiet, extremely steady, and goes where we tell it. THEN we decide where to send our human inspectors. We save on resources and safety – as well as time and cost.

Infrastructure Inspection

Oil & Gas Industry

Our drones can inspect pipelines, pump stations, rigs, refineries and storage tanks. We can find leaking pipelines, sniff for VOC or other invisible gas leaks or emissions at refineries and rigs, and thermally map overheating equipment. We can perform flare stack inspections without shutting down the stack.



We perform fast visual inspections of towers, from structural to equipment to cabling. We optimize your technician time by flying pre-climb inspections that quickly verify issues, establish cable or equipment needs, and indicate which parts and tools are required by the technician – avoiding multiple dangerous climbs.

We can rapidly inspect towers after storms or other potential damage, to help prioritize tower repairs. Inspection organized by software makes it easy to catalog before/after states with photographic records of repairs and upgrades. Our drones can give you a quick and complete system inventory for best asset management.

Extremely high-resolution, high-zoom cameras allow us to capture extreme detail, often including serial and model numbers. We can inspect fasteners, rigging, and support infrastructure prior to a climb. We can identify overheating equipment or cables with our advanced infrared cameras.

Infrastructure Inspection

Civil Infrastructure

Visual bridge inspections that typically require ropes, ladders, scaffolding, cherry-pickers and other rigging, can be done by Asset Drone in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost. You can now quickly find trouble areas that need up-close inspection by skilled personnel – allowing you to optimize your workforce deployment.

With exact, photographic quality records and using change-detection software, you can institute precise record-keeping and implement ongoing monitoring programs that compare conditions over time, including movement, damage, additions and repairs.

Railroads and Yard Infrastructure

Railroads and Yard Infrastructure

Get high-resolution photos and video inspection of rail lines, switching infrastructure, yards, cars, engines and other infrastructure to meet your needs. We can access areas that are hard to reach or that would normally require shutdown of the rail section using traditional visual inspection.

All photos are GPS-located to give you precise location of any issues that are found. Perform year-over-year comparisons of critical infrastructure, crossings, rail, switching equipment and other infrastructure.

Asset Drone pilots are FAA certified and fully insured, flying inspection and survey drones with advanced cameras and sensors, and state- of-the-art software. We cover the entire United States.

Image Gallery

Examples of our Infrastructure Inspection imagery. Click to enlarge.