Modern drone technology solves the two great challenges facing tax appraisers: 

  • Getting physical access to the property to make a proper appraisal.
  • Having enough field assessors to cover all the properties on the tax rolls.

Asset Drone brings these solutions to the tax appraisal field:

  • The costs of aerial photography are dramatically reduced with remotely piloted drones.
  • Drones offer custom views that satellite imagery cannot.
  • Today’s high-resolution cameras provide unimpeachable visuals of individual properties.
  • A small drone can hover quietly at heights that helicopters and planes cannot descend to, and at closer proximity.
  • A drone can traverse terrain from one property to the next taking the same route that the crow flies – saving enormous amounts of time and labor.

Unrestricted Access

Asset Drone services offer solutions for high-value properties with multiple features that are otherwise hard to assess.

Waterfront properties are especially difficult for an assessor to see, even from a boat – and it is typically on the water side that a property has its best improvements. Drones solve the problem.

Drone Tax Appraisal. Oblique imagery

Oblique Imagery

Drones are small and relatively quiet. They can hover and get into tight spaces that not even a human can easily access. They can very quickly scan all sides of a property, including rooflines, courtyards and additions, offering a full 3-dimensional model for the appraiser to assess. High-resolution cameras offer close-up zooms back in the office that show pinpoint detail.

Real Time

Drone imagery can be time stamped and conducted largely at will. This allows a running record of improvements and depreciations to be maintained, and offers a completely current picture to meet protests by owners. Custom aerial photography is too costly, and satellite imagery is often out of date.

Never miss another improvement

This drone survey caught a new structure being built that doesn’t yet appear on Google Earth or Maps. Given the lag time in updating these sources, it could easily have taken another year to get this structure on the tax rolls. Even imagery a few months old can miss important improvements.

Drone Tax Appraisal


Tax appraisal has always suffered from too few assessors in the field for the number of properties. Use Asset Drone as a force-multiplier for your tax appraisal team. Drone surveys can hugely increase the inventory of surveyed properties, and identify where the human assessor should intervene for additional inspection.

Asset Drone offers tax appraisal surveying nationwide, to any county and state. FAA-certified and fully insured pilots fly our drones, using advanced cameras and software for precise and comprehensive survey and inspection work.

Laws and regulations vary regarding photography of private property for purposes of tax appraisal. Asset Drone complies with all local, state and federal laws and regulations.

What our clients say

Asset Drone was absolutely wonderful! Their imagery is excellent quality. Lakefront imagery is something we haven’t had until now.

Texas flag

Summer GoldenChief Appraiser, Morris County Appraisal District

Image Gallery

Examples of our Drone Tax Appraisal Photography. Click to enlarge.

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