Asset Drone is proud to be an exhibitor at Realcomm | IBcon 2018. Come visit us in Booth 2011.


Asset Drone in Construction Today Magazine

Learn more about Asset Drone by reading our feature piece in Construction Today.

Asset Drone provides drone-based construction inspection that includes surveying, mapping, modeling and video & photo shoots. We offer very fast turnaround – as frequently as every morning. We provide surveying, measurement and modeling for pre-construction planning.

Drones are changing the way construction companies handle their projects.  By providing advanced visualization tools, valuable overhead views and up-close inspection capabilities, drones can significantly improve how your team monitors construction progress while improving worker safety and reducing risks to project timelines.


5 Ways Drones Are Changing The Construction Industry - White Paper

To learn more, download the white paper “5 Ways Drones Are Changing The Construction Industry.”  It details the innovative ways drones are being used throughout construction projects, from the initial pre-construction survey, through safety monitoring, in-progress imagery and final turnover inspections.

Click here to download the white paper and learn more.