TAAD - Texas Association of Appraisal Districts
Asset Drone will be an exhibitor at the 37th Annual TAAD Conference and Trade Show in Fort Worth, February 25-28, 2018. This yearly event of the Texas Association of Appraisal Districts gathers the member appraisal districts of Texas into an exciting venue where the future is created.

We are delighted to be able to show our labor-saving and revenue-enhancing drone survey services to the hard working tax districts of Texas!
Asset Drone recently completed a 2-year project surveying over 3,000 properties for Travis County to assess high-value lakefront properties on Lake Travis and Lake Austin.

We are excited to share the tremendous results for the district that came from using drones to update its tax appraisals. The benefits were formidable, and show clearly how drone surveys are driving the revolution in tax appraisal and assessment.

Here’s one example of the kind of feedback we’ve been receiving from tax appraisers:

“Asset Drone was absolutely wonderful! Their imagery is excellent quality. Lake front imagery is something we haven’t had until now.”
— Summer Golden, Chief Appraiser, Morris County Appraisal District

[Note: Morris County was a project involving less than 300 properties, but because lakefront properties make up a large portion of the county’s annual income, the boost to its revenue was huge.]

Visit us in Booth #2 and #3.  We are sharing booths with BIS Consulting, an innovative provider of groundbreaking back-end technologies that are currently transforming the world of Tax Appraisal.

Come and see us in the Worthington Renaissance Fort Worth Hotel, for some of the best imagery of appraised properties you’ve ever seen!

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