Drone Inspection Services

Drones have grown up, and they are revolutionizing the way we do business.

With their high mobility and the ability to carry a suite of cameras and sensors, drones offer unmatched surveying and inspection capabilities. In an hour, a drone can survey areas that would take a boots-on-the-ground inspector days to cover.

Our Drone Fleet

At Asset Drone, LLC our fleet includes state-of-the-art drones equipped with high tech cameras and sensors. These drones are fast, maneuverable and can fit in tight spaces. They’re equipped with advanced cameras and sensors for detailed imaging, thermal mapping, leak detection and other complex tasks.

Plus, our drones are controlled by FAA certified, fully insured drone pilots.

Industries & Applications

Every day, companies are finding new applications for drone surveys. See a list of applications below, or contact us for custom applications.

Construction inspection

Construction Inspection

Asset Drone provides drone-based construction inspection that includes surveying, mapping, modeling and video & photo shoots. We offer very fast turnaround – as frequently as every morning! Read more →

Real Estate Photography

Asset Drone surveying and inspection services revolutionize real estate photography, with crisp and clear imagery that far exceeds the resolution of Google Earth, and with camera angles not possible from a field photographer or videographer on the ground. Read more →
Infrastructure inspection

Infrastructure Inspection

Asset Drone provides infrastructure inspection for multiple industries using high-resolution cameras and sensors. We supply precise mapping and detection in areas that are hard to get to, traversing distances in hours that would take days or weeks to cover manually. Read more →

Utility Inspection

Asset Drone provides utility companies with drone inspection of power lines and entire distribution systems, from towers to substations, and including wind turbine farms and solar arrays. Drones are perfect for cataloging infrastructure over distances and vertical heights, delivering high-resolution imagery and thermal mapping of equipment status. Read more →
Land survey

Land Surveying

Asset Drone land surveying services offer fast and affordable turnaround on: High-resolution photogrammetry, Site photos, Videos, Topographic and contour/drainage planning. We can quickly survey sites from 1 acre to 10,000+ acres. We deliver highly accurate results, very quickly and at a lower cost than ground survey. Read more →

Drone Tax Appraisal

Modern drone technology solves the two great challenges facing tax appraisers: getting physical access to the property to make a proper appraisal; Having enough field assessors to cover all the properties on the tax rolls. Read more →